Excitement is the synonym of ‘CATA’s Photo Squad’ when they sit down on CATA’s Bus seat heading to their photography lesson. Participants are really excited not only     learning new skills but also enjoying going to many iconic locations around Perth to capture spectacular images.

Although today it seems very easy to photograph or take a picture, because of the advance of digital cameras, photograph goes much further than just clicking a single button. In the era of analog, as in the digital age, a good photograph essentially depends on the photographer's vision and his technical expertise, at the time of clicking.


Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, everything you ever wanted to know about photography is now at your fingertips!  Hassle-free and instructive, our photography lessons offer numerous practical examples to facilitate learning. Classes cover several topics from the history of photography; cameras and lenses; photo techniques;  lighting; composition and much more.

Each time our ‘Photo Squad’ goes to different locations (outdoor & indoor) that suit the theme of the workshop; for example for our “ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION” we went to Sorrento Beach to learn how to photograph fast moving subjects. And yes, we did play beach cricket capturing the ball on the move. The skills learnt in this session are used any time when you need to take a picture which requires a dynamic action image such as any sporting event, performing arts, children playing, animal/pets on the move, happy people snaps, etc.

Another example, for our “LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION” we headed to Yellagonga Regional Park taking pictures of the heritage listed ‘Perry’s Paddock and ‘The Bunkhouse’ to gain an understanding of lighting enabling us to choose the best camera settings and filters that can enhance the images.

As one of our current participants said:

“I love the photography classes. I'm learning a lot from this course, both the photographer's vision, as in the technical field. I hope to learn even more each time I attend a class, and above and beyond improving my 'magic eye of a photographer' I want in the future, to use the pictures that I take as a template to create my paintings in acrylic or oil.”
-John Larcombe

Don’t miss out - There are many lessons to be learnt, the biggest one being that nothing is impossible if you have the will, the determination and the ability to see with your heart.
Come in! Let’s discover together the fundamental knowledge to enter the world of photography.

A special thanks to Gary Wilcox, a professional photographer who is spending time with CATA’s Photography students every second Wednesday teaching us the skills to capture a lifetime of priceless moments.


Kazuko Sakaue – Activities Officer