We have been truly inspired by our most recent theme in The Art Room, ‘Cityscapes’.

For inspiration, our artists have wondered at many aspects of a city, paying particular attention to our wonderful, City of Perth.

In his watercolour image, Brendan Morris has captured a dramatic sky over the high-rises of Perth.


In contrast to the heavy sky, he has achieved a more translucent effect when representing the Swan River.

The moody sky, geometric shapes and reflective water, come together in an effective composition; yet, another beautiful artwork from Brendan.

As we can see, Denise Bradley and Samara Degaris, have focused on the shape and line we see, when we look at the city skyline.

Denise, chose to represent the city at the end of the day. Here we see the buildings forming a silhouette against the colourful sunset; an outstanding result for Denise.

Samara, has represented a whole city with only one continuous line, and has shown us how effective, a line drawing can be. The watercolour washes, have added further interest and a splash of colour; a stunning artwork from Samara.

CATA artists have excelled in their varied and very creative responses to this traditional theme.

We are now really looking forward to August at CATA, when our artists will be inspired by an ‘Outers space’ theme.

Lynne Palmer - Activities Officer