Swan Valley Tour


With beautiful views across West Swan Road, the atmosphere at Swan Valley, northeast of Perth is very fresh, natural and relaxing. It is really a charming and nice part of town. There are fields and fields of vineyards, cattle and sheep wandering in grasslands, not to mention the rich fusion of fine food, fascinating colonial history of WA, all adding to the never-ending sky. Without a doubt you will have a refreshed and great mood when here!

It was a rainy dark morning on Saturday the 7th of May, but CATA’s spirited    people (nine altogether: Angelina, Errol, Brendan, Colleen, Ron, Christine, Peggy, Tahnee & Jay) all got on the bus ready for an adventure – like for Angelina it was her first outing with us. Thank you all for coming!


Getting away from the city's bustle, our preferred ‘pit-stop’ and also a must-visit for any chocolate lover was at the Chocolate Factory (Swan Valley’s Margaret River Chocolate Company) where everyone enjoyed a light lunch followed by a coffee (or ice-cream instead for Tahnee).

Many of our guests, not to mention Jay whose passion is chocolate and even Peggy who usually doesn’t eat much, they enjoyed free chocolate tastings which is available for all who can indulge themselves with these delicious ‘things’!

We also usually go to Oggies Ice Creamery (traditional Italian homemade gelatos in WA with 60 flavours on offer) and many    other places but due to the weather conditions we decided to skip it at this time. 

Our day started and ended with rain but we had some lucky moments of sunbeams so we could take our picture to show off!

And as Errol, Brendan, Ron and many of our other ‘frequent flyers’, come and join us on our Saturday outings. We have a fleet of 3 buses and a very friendly team to cater for you, plus the nicest people in town who wants to spend some fun time with you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kazuko Sakaue – Activity Officer