CEO Update

The Boards of CATA and RISE have recently made a joint decision regarding the date of amalgamation of the two organisations. This date is scheduled to be 1st July 2016, subject to WA Dept. of Commerce timelines.

In accord with this decision necessary paperwork has been submitted to the Department of Commerce to wind up CATA as a legal entity. Also, HACC is    preparing to transfer CATA’s contract to RISE. 

I’d like to highlight that: 

1. Participant services and routines will continue as normal. Only changes in regards to organisational bank details and direct deposit of fees etc. may    impact on participants. Further information about bank account details for payment of participant fees will be communicated as these come to hand. 

2. RISE is in negotiations with the City of Joondalup regarding the creation of a lease over CATA’s premises to provide CATA’s key stakeholders with security of tenancy. 

3. Staff will have their employment with CATA transferred to RISE. All entitlements to leave etc. will be transferred to RISE as part of this process.

4. RISE is very committed to retaining CATA’s volunteers and welcomes their continued contribution. Travel rates for volunteers and other expense reimbursements will continue in full. 

It’s the intent of both CATA and RISE that transition to the new arrangements will from our participant’s perspective be as seamless as possible. 

This month’s cartoon looks at how caution can sometimes be the better part of valour. 

Graham Hope - CEO