The art room has never been busier and our theme-based projects are giving us a lot to think about when we pick up our paintbrushes. Our recent themed project 'Nature' has inspired lots of interesting artworks.

In a broader sense, 'Nature' encompasses many aspects of ourenvironment that we experience and feel, as well as see. The    featured artist Damon Larke shows us his most recent artwork inspired by 'nature'. In Damon's image, we see the powerful night sky with a storm brewing heavily over the Perth skyline.

Damon prepared his canvas carefully, blending the subdued midnight colours.


After using a paint-roller to create the background, Damon printed the geometric shapes which represent the buildings. To finish off the artwork, Damon used a paintbrush for only the fine detail of the city lights.

In the art room, We often find that it's the simplest of techniques which produce the most effective results.

The painting has been admired by many and will be exhibited at an upcoming exhibition.

Lynne Palmer - Activities Officer