Belly Dancing

There is a certain jingle jangle echoing through the halls of CATA once a week with the beautiful Rachael heading up our colourful and melodic belly dancing class. When you walk into the room it is a whirl of colour and your ears are met with the sweet sounds of Middle Eastern music and the jingle of the bells on the skirts of our dancers. 

Rachael is our wonderful teacher who always has a smile on her face and a gentle way with the participating clients? And the clients in turn are beaming looking so happy to be belly dancing with her. This activity is providing a fun way for the clients to participate in gentle exercise whilst having fun with their mates.          

The belly dancing is being attended by the ladies and the gentlemen of CATA so that everyone can participate without judgement or fear of appearing “silly”, everyone looks marvellous as they perform and are picking up the skill very quickly. It is just another string to the bow of CATA and its activities. Come one come all and have a go you won’t be disappointed.  

Jakalyn Moore - Activities Officer