Interview with Judy O’Neil

Q: How long have you been at CATA for? 
    My sister brought me to CATA in 2006.

Q: What do you do at CATA ?
     I do Painting on Mondays and I do knitting in the Craft room on Thursdays. I also go on outings on a Thursday. This year I would like to learn about computer.

Q: What do you like?
      I like health foods like salads, vegetables, Orange juice and lemon juice. I like going to movies that are comedy’s, I don’t like shooting movies and I like watching television with my boyfriend and playing bingo with my friends.

Q: What do you like about CATA?
     That I meet a lot of friends and that I talk and have laughs with them.

Q: What is important to you?  
     To be a great person, to have good music and friends.

Q: If you could what would you change anything about  CATA ?
      Nothing I like it just how it is.

Q: If you could have a super power what would it be?  
     Super strength as I want be a strong person and lift anything I want.

Ethan Derosa - Activities Officer