Easter Craft

Easter Craft – Calendar Activity


Every year as Easter approaches, the shops are filled with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, egg-colouring kits, stuffed, real and chocolate bunnies of all types, and baskets for carrying all of this Easter bounty. To Help celebrate the upcoming holiday Easter Clients get crafty making several easy and inexpensive projects, including Easter baskets, hop sock bunnies and fabulous Faberge eggs.

AS We Are


The textiles and craft room has been buzzing with excitement even though it is the beginning of the year, as clients are working towards completing works to be exhibited in this years As We Are Exhibition held in October/November, where they will be on display to the general public at the prestige’s central park building in the in the heart of Perth. Clients have enjoyed creating their own individual works, there is a large range of textiles works including but not limited to embroidery, French knitting and much more. These wonderful works have framed by a mixture of sources including CATA’s own woodwork department.

Colour therapy with a twist – Calendar activity

Colouring is just for kids, right? Not anymore.


Recently, adults across the country have picked up colouring books as a way to relax and unwind. The health benefits go beyond relaxation, and include exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus. All clients were able to use not only traditional mediums but also textiles to create detailed works.

Individual Projects

As always if calendar activities aren’t your thing, you can always work on your own projects, reaching your own goals and creating amazing craft and textile products for yourself and family members. The quality of work produced by clients is outstanding and highly professional, it’s great to see clients perusing excellence in their individual projects.


Lesley Lee - Activities Officer