CEO Update

Over the last month CATA has commenced delivering creative art services in Cockburn - Kwinana, the hills district and Waroona.


Services being delivered include painting, sculpture, pottery and wood burning.

CATA’s recent outreach to other communities located far from CATA’s Warwick site has come about as a consequence of the organisations strategic planning and the Boards endorsement of a concept known as CATA ‘in a box’. This concept refers to how the key elements of creative services delivered at our Warwick office may be collected together, transported and used to help people at other locations access creative art activities.

Numbers attending our workshops although initially small, are growing as the service becomes better known. Because 3 different funding arrangements are in place the initial small numbers have provided time for CATA to become familiar with the various administrative and financial processes associated with different contracts.

Provision of CATA in a box services has required some staff changes to occur. I’d like to congratulate Mr Ethan De Rosa on his new appointment as Senior Activities Officer. Ethan’s organisational skills, initiative and empathy will I’m sure lead to an even higher standard of service for our participants. CATA has also appointed another artist Ms Claudia Richards Claudia has considerable experience working in the community sector and is an accomplished artist with formal qualifications from Curtin University. Welcome aboard Claudia. I’m also pleased to welcome back Lynn Palmer from her recent journey to the UK. Lynn is a highly experienced artist and tutor who has previously played an important role at CATA ensuring participants receive professional help with their art projects.

This month’s cartoon looks at how important it is when forming some expectations to understand the role of a tutor versus that of a vet.

Graham Hope - CEO