Wohoo here we go again folks it’s the first instalment of many on the ball news. Over the next month or so we will be visiting the local op-shops and will be shopping for our finery. This willinclude the gowns, shoes, jewellery, men’s jackets and women’s hand bags. For those who will be needing their outfits this is a very economical way of being a belle or a beau.


So once again we will be happy to help do minor alterations such as hemming. If you would like us to view items you already have for suitability be our guest and bring them in so we may help with your choices. We would love everyone to shine on the day so the hunt for finery is on.

Again if there are any unwanted gowns, jackets, handbags and unopened unused makeup we would be happy and grateful to accept any donations. If you wish to help on the day doing makeup or hair (simple and elegant) we would appreciate any volunteers to help us make this a special day for all. Please give us an early indication of your support so as we can ensure our clients have the help they need for the day.

Please also check the calendar in may for our shopping dates and times and make the effort because we would be most happy to help you achieve your goals for the day.

Jakalyn Moore - Activities Officer