Interview with Vince in the pottery room


Hi Vince, I am going to interview you today about coming to the pottery activity.
I like to be here, to work here and do a lot of work. I like the things I make here at CATA. I like to join in a group. I like the social side of it. I like to do things with my hands and make my hands work more. 

What aspect of being in a group do you enjoy the most?
I like to talk to others, I like to have fun and laugh. It’s more fun and makes you happier and all that. It makes you more confident.

When you go home do you feel coming here has made you feel better?

Is coming here just like any other activity you do during the week? And what other things do you do?
Like other things I do. I go to a class to learn to read and write. It is to use the brain more. It feels good. On Tuesdays I go to the library to practice reading. Wednesdays I go with another group.

Did you do pottery before?
I’ve done pottery somewhere… at school. 

Ok! That’s a long time ago!

And you enjoyed it? That’s why you wanted to do it again?

That’s good. Have you got any favorites, things that you like to do?
Yes… techniques, I would like to do more techniques. 

Is there any particular things you enjoy doing in pottery like making a particular type of object or a particular technique that you might have learned? Do you have a favourite?
I like to make… I’d like to make a clock with clay. I’d like to make a kookaburra... And more things… I’d like to try and design things like flowers. 

Yes, you’d like to draw some patterns on the clay?
Yes, I’d like to do that. I want to make another mug. I have made some before. I still have the owl one. That one is good. 

Is it difficult to work with clay?
It is a little bit hard. Some things like rolling or wedging the clay is difficult. Some clays get a bit sticky or dry and crack. So I have to put a bit of water, not too much. You need to be careful. You should not bring soft drinks here or a cup of coffee. You have to wash your hands properly before lunch. 

So you make a lot of pieces, what do you do with them?
I bring them home to show my parents. They like it. My aunty said “There is no room for putting all your work.” 

We can put some of the work for sale. Would you be happy to do that?
Yes. Are we going to do another exhibition? 

Yes we will. We may start working on it next month. I have some projects that will be good for the exhibition. 

Ok. That will be it. Thank you Vince. 

Sylvie Riches - Activities Officer