Cooking Program

Eggs, flour, milk.......


Once a month on Tuesday, we run a cooking programme at CATA to try and produce art in a different way (which we are now going to run, every second Monday as well). Our little     cooking group is designed to get together, have fun, socialise and experiment a little. Lately, we have been concentrating on the colours of sweets, because, who does not like sweets? We have been producing masterpieces such as chocolate brownies, carrot cake cupcakes, and sticky date pudding.  We take turns in mixing, measuring and cutting up the ingredients while having a laugh over past kitchen mishaps and successes. Afterwards, we usually make a plan for the following month. Everyone gets to have a voice in what they would like to      produce in these little cooking classes. The best part of the activities is that we get to have a little morning snack, before lunch, which we can share with everyone at CATA.

Eline Döhne - Activities Officer