CEO Update

Channel Ten have once again visited CATA to film a news story about our use of virtual reality headsets. 

Giving our participants access to 360 degree virtual reality video’s allows them to become immersed in new experiences they may not otherwise have an opportunity to enjoy. Importantly for CATA’s artists the 360 Experience can also offer new inspiration and ideas for their art work. 

Of course participants have full choice and control over whether and how they use the 360 Experience headsets and can do so in a completely safe environment without having to leave   CATA. 

Until now virtual reality technology has struggled to make itself cheap and accessible to ordinary people. Recent strides forward in technology means that CATA’s artists can now fully surround themselves in a 360 degree experience that puts them on snow ski’s, riding a surfboard, diving with sharks or flying jet fighters – the range of 360 degree experiences is growing daily.  

Over time CATA aims for its participants to accumulate sufficient 360 Experience inspired art to hold a 360 Art Exhibition. 

This month’s cartoon looks at how creativity can be in the eye of the beholder. 

Graham Hope - CEO