CATA’s outings forums


In the past couple of months we have had many people come and share their ideas and thoughts about CATA’s programs and outings at our client forums and I would like to thank all of those who participated. It’s great to see that those who attended are committed and excited about helping to make CATA’s outings and programs fun and enjoyable for all. It would seem that from these forums we have a lot of participants who are interested in outdoor outings that involve seeing wildlife, BBQs and sightseeing. We also had a great interest in socialising outings such as eating out at places like sizzlers, Malaga markets and Chinese. Please if you have any great ideas or thoughts on outings that you would like to see at CATA or activities that you might like to do during the day please come along to our next meeting on the 27th of May. 

Ethan Derosa - Activities Officer