Wednesday Afternoon Master Class with Kazuko and Calvin!

“To copy others is necessary, but to copy oneself is pathetic” (Pablo Picasso 1881—1973, Painter)."

In the days when almost everything has already been created, invented and reinvented, it is hard to create something that is 100% original, but you can always try something that is new to you.

When you don't limit yourself, your possibilities are endless and everything you create is just that much more unique. It’s like a dream within a dream. If you don't push and expose yourself to new things, you’ll graduate from ‘live studies’ with a similar portfolio that you came in with.

And through the famous phrase ‘learning by doing’, which means ‘learning is by direct contact with the practice and experience’, the art master class on Wednesday afternoons offers you an opportunity to gain insight into the practices of different forms of art-making focusing on a specific media of your choice.

Stephen Sked, for example said he “has learnt a lot in regards to drawing following pictures from books” and yet he wants to enhance his acrylic painting on canvasses. 

Stimulating different interpretations and approach modes, the Art—your art contributes to the awakening of aesthetic sensibility and can unblock the creativity that already exits in you, providing the development of individuality—’the uniqueness’.

As Lynne Newport said “I like doing my own things, with the assistance if needed be”. Our afternoon master class participants are also immersed in the sharing of classroom experiences. In this way artists are exposed to the usage of specific techniques with rewarding learning outcomes.

“Learning other painting skills from colleagues has enhanced the arts that I have been doing on Wednesday’s Master Class” said Salvatore Furfaro.

For those who are interested, we will soon be starting ART TUTORIALS with myself and Calvin—using a step-by-step art instruction video and other information-rich demonstrations in a quick and digestible format—watch and follow along!

Looking forward to seeing you—Calvin and I are here for the workshop every Wednesday from 2pm. So, show up and join us in this very exciting and personal artistic adventure.

As per Picasso says “I am always doing that which

I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”

Don’t let your lack of skill be an excuse not to become better.

Kazuko Sakaue - Activities Officer