Pottery Room Antics

It has been busy in the pottery room.  Our enthusiastic artists started this year by making clay animals.  The first project was to make a peacock.  Some of the peacocks were turned into tea light holders and even a small pot plant.  All clients were able to express their creative talents in the way they imprinted the tails to create patterns imitating the feathers. 

Many also enjoyed making funky animals like ladybirds, cute rats and mice and birds.  Most clients have in mind to place these animals in their garden, hang them in a tree or simply have them sitting on a window ledge. 

For the latest project we have been making small houses which would look great in a miniature garden. 

I must say, it is a real pleasure to see clients excited about their creations and to see their joy at the end of an accomplished project.

Sylvie Riches - Activities Officer