New Year’s Resolution Art Projects

For the Thursday afternoons in January CATA clients will be having discussions on what the New Year will bring to their art direction goals. We will all sit and discuss what kind of art they would like to do, what medium to use, what theme they would like to choose and when they would like to start their art works. 

This year we would like to put a good deal of planning into the mix, so that our clients will have optimum satisfaction and joy in their work. So that the outside world can see how talented and wonderful that our clients are. This will culminate in our end of year ‘AS WE ARE’ exhibition. So that our joint best foot forward is presented. CATA has an extremely high standard of works in our art, craft, woodwork and ceramics.  

This approach will give clients time to think about what subjects that they really like and they can progress through a series of works to a final choice of the piece that they would like to exhibit at the ‘AS WE ARE’ exhibition. So come along to these afternoons as we can do research on whatever subject you desire ,were you will guided on how to plan and execute your works. It will be very exciting to see the progress that people make along the way, and all the lovely art worksthat will be created along the way. 

Jakalyn Moore

Activities Officer