All about…. Michelle Pearson!

Michelle has been a client of CATA since 2005, WOW that’s over 10 years. She attends CATA three times a week to get about and about, forgetting about all the worries that plague us. Michelle loves CATA because she has made some great friends and gets to go out in the community, experiencing new places that otherwise would not be known.

Michelle has experienced painting in the art room and has even made furniture and toys in woodwork. These days Michelle now prefers to relax in the craft room partaking in colour therapy, using the medium of fine tip textas. Michelle can take many days to complete a complex design, which are then framed and entered into As We Are exhibition.

Michelle is also one of CATA’s season football tippers, having entered the footy tipping every year, backing her favourite team the Eagles.

Lesley Lee - Activities Officer