Wheel throwing in pottery!

Our ceramic artists are keeping busy in the pottery room. However the classes of the last few weeks have differed slightly from the normal routine with the inclusion of excursions to a couple of art galleries and the preparation for the AWA exhibition.

Another exciting development was the use of the pottery wheel by a couple of our clients. Working on the wheel is called “wheel throwing”. It is a very challenging process. Managing to move a lump of clay perfectly in the middle and keeping it centered is a difficult task. It requires to push the clay with a fair amount of strength with both hands while sitting in a position that can be tiring. Therefore it has been fabulous and very rewarding to see our clients having a go and managing not only to center the clay but also to create forms -with the use of one hand for one of our participants! As a result we ended up with three bowls. Two of them were painted and the other, which will go into the AWA exhibition, was imprinted with a fern leaf. They are yet to be glazed.

The last project on the way is a small but cute milk jug. Making a jug has its challenges but we are getting there!

Well done Paul and Salvatore!

Sylvie Riches - Activities Officer