RAAF Museum Trip!

On Friday 21st August, a group of CATA members visited the RAAF Museum in Bullcreek. There was a fascinating display of early aviation history. Enjoying the outing was David Ardley, Ronda Schippers, Greg Watson, John Tilley, volunteer Peter Pike and myself.


The Aviation Heritage Museum provides a unique museum experience of civilian and military aviation through its extraordinary aviation displays. Walking around the exhibitions gives a clear picture into the lives of pilots, aviators and explorers throughout history. It also shows original bombardiers and uniforms that they wore, and it gives the history of women in the Australian Armed forces from nurses to explorers. The participants came away with a lot of knowledge in history of aviation, from the first planes to fly in Australia through to the war years and its history. We were also amazed at how young these men were who flew these planes during war time.

The group have stated that a lot more people should visit the museum and gain valuable information about our involvement in aviation. After walking through the displays the group enjoyed lunch in the RAAF club, which is located next to the museum before boarding the bus and heading home.

Owen Temple - Senior Activities Officer