Afternoon Activities at CATA

During the afternoons at CATA we run interesting programs of different methods of seeing and creating art. Many of our clients have blossomed over the year completing these classes and have gained invaluable knowledge to enhance their artworks.

We will be re-running these classes from the beginning so they can either be a refresher course or for those new to them a good learning experience. There will be lessons on how to use the different mediums we have available here at CATA. For example, one of our first lessons will be how to use pastels. Then progressively we will be learning how to do figures, animals, landscapes, still life and any other subject that our clients’ wish to tackle.

One of our long standing client’s Lindsay said she really liked the sessions and enjoyed using colour in a new way. She said she has learned a lot and this is reflected in her work.

It would be great for you all to join us, the classes start after 2pm. These classes will begin in September.

So come along and join us in a fantastic adventure discovering art and fun.

Jakalyn Moore - Activities Officer