Open the Doors to Summer

We decided to take our Monday art class outside, where we were among the surrounding landscape and comings and goings of the Warwick Shopping Forum. We took inspiration from famous artists, such as JMW Turner and Claude Monet, who made it their life’s work to put their surrounding landscapes onto Canvas, and to capture the beauty of nature. The objection of today was to do some nature drawings, using mainly pastels among other mediums, and to enjoy the early signs of summer approaching.

Setting up outside, with the help of everyone, was done quickly and easy, as everyone decided to join outside, weather their where knitting, reading magazines or painting. However we soon discovered that the surrounding landscape did not provide a lot of variety. That did not discourage us to move on to do a little bit more experimental art. The fresh air, on the other hand, was questionable, as there was a lingering smell of burned rubber in the air. It did, however, contribute to some lively discussions as to where it came from, and whether or not the smell would be less inside or outside. We never came to a conclusion on this discussion as we were interrupted by a fire drill. After lunch we all decided to move back inside as the summer heat had taking over our work station. Even though we did not get a lot of nature drawing done, it was nice to have a change of scenery to sit around and have a good old laugh together.