CATA’s Song - A Success!

On Friday the ninth of October our wonderful music therapy students gave us an outstanding performance with a song of which they had been practicing over the last few weeks. It was a magnificent pre-lunch time performance which consisted of a song written by the students, sung to the tune of “Hit the road Jack”. They created a new version which was really amazing and their music therapy teacher should be very proud of her protégés. The choir consisted of Paul Caine, Helen and Damon Larke, Debra Halbert, Carolyn nichols, Brendan Morris, Greg Brennan and Anne Ellis. They sang strong and with great rhythm and you could tell they had practiced very hard.

CATA’s music therapy has been ongoing for many months now and it has been very popular with our clients, havng a healthy attendance throughout this time. Clients say they enjoy these sessions and find them calming yet stimulating at the same time. It also gives them a creative outlet to freely explore their music.

The CATA audience was very pleased with the unexpected entertainment and showed their appreciation with a rowdy applause. All were congratulated and it was a pleasant way to begin the midday meal.

So yet again another successful venture by our clever clients, we are continually amazed by their talent and enthusiasm.

Jaki Moore - Activities Officer