In the Spotlight: Debbie Snape!

Debbie started coming to CATA about a month ago. She was interviewed by Sylvie for our newsletter.
When did you first do ceramics?
I first did ceramics in the early eighties. I did workshops for people with disabilities in Shenton Park. It was called the Activity Centre in Shenton Park.
So what did you learn then?
All different things like molding. I also liked working on the wheel. I enjoyed it.
So you had a big break and now you come back to pottery?
I did other things like cooking…
What is your favorite thing in pottery?
Glazing and different things… painting. I like unusual things like flicking underglaze on the work.
Do you prefer doing hand building or working on the wheel?
Both, both, I like both. When I came here I wanted to start with wheel throwing but I am happy to do other things as well.
You are quite innovative then?
Yes I like to do new things. I like to make bowls, molded bowls, I don’t know… things I can use.
Things for the kitchen?
No, things to decorate.
What about sculptures, does that interest you?

Yes, yes.
Do you keep everything for yourself? What do you do with your creations?
I give them away or something like that…
Why do you like to work with clay or is it just another activity?
Yes it is like other activities.
Is there a specific project that you like?
I’ll have a go at anything. If I can’t do it, it’s not a problem. I can ask somebody to help me.
I want to flick blue paint on this bowl.
You are enjoying coming to CATA?
Yes I thoroughly enjoy… sometime… but I also love my bed…
How often do you come to CATA?
Once a week only for the pottery class. I do other things. I do volunteering at the hospital. I make up packs for the wards, for people to take home. They are kind of show bags. It keeps me busy.
You like to keep busy?
Yes, yes I do.
What do you like about coming to CATA?
The company. That’s why I wanted to come, to be into a group, to socialize, to enjoy.
Ok, thank you Debbie.

Sylvie Riches - Activities Officer