CATA’s Thursday Program in Pottery

There are various ways of making pots, lids, plates, mugs, jars, pendants, chimes, or any other home ware or giftware. And as the world are stepping up to new technologies like 3D printing and we're appreciating changes in materials and in the way in which we do things, people are still “valuing the handmade object and the thought that goes into it”, and artists want to make things people use in their houses to have value, to have the capacity for emotional and empathic attachments in a way that you don't get from a mass-produced item in a factory. That’s one way of “making pots, personal”.
And here at CATA Thursday Pottery Program, our attendees are really enjoying “Making Their Pots!”

Come and Try our Thursday classes and Be Amazed by the discovery of what you can do.
Explore your creativity.

Our CATA Pottery and Ceramic Studio are fully equipped with kiln, wheel and all the utensils you need to make your works of art!

Be introduced to the art of throwing on the pottery wheel with a focus on creating your personalised piece for your home, office, garden, giftware, etc.

Kazuko Sakaue