Farrah Golowacz

Farrah Golowacz has been attending Cata group since 2012. From talking to Farrah about Cata group she told me a little bit about what she likes about Cata and what she does while she’s here. She says that she attends Cata on a Monday and a Thursday where on Monday she will work in the art room and Thursday in the Craft room. You will most often find Farrah working on her sewing as she loves doing sewing and spends most of her time creating sewing projects. Currently Farrah is working on creating a sewing a piece with birds and a piece with lots of different colours, she says her favourite sewing project she has made this year is one that she did of a dog. from sewing Farrah likes to do some pottery as well what she likes most about Cata is that it’s a place to make friends to talk to them and have a good time. When asking Farrah what was the best time she had at Cata this year she told that it was the time that she went to the Cata ball. My finial question to Farrah was what she is looking forward to these Christmas holidays in which Farrah replied that she looking forward to spending time with family away.