Warehouse Café

Last month in June we had a great week exhibiting CATA’s art work at the Warehouse Café through our friends from Uniting Care West.

We had 20 artists submit art work from a range of different mediums to be displayed between the 20th and 28th of June where several members of the public came through and had a look at some great art pieces that our artist provided while getting their morning coffee.

During this time we had a group of participants attend the café for an outing where they enjoyed a beautiful lunch made by the café staff and got to see their art work displayed within the Cafe.

The Warehouse café is a hidden treasure, which is run on a grass-roots level to benefit the community.

If you ever get a chance, go have a look around and grab a coffee.

221 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park WA 6008



Ethan Derosa - Senior Activities Officer





Excitement is the synonym of ‘CATA’s Photo Squad’ when they sit down on CATA’s Bus seat heading to their photography lesson. Participants are really excited not only     learning new skills but also enjoying going to many iconic locations around Perth to capture spectacular images.

Although today it seems very easy to photograph or take a picture, because of the advance of digital cameras, photograph goes much further than just clicking a single button. In the era of analog, as in the digital age, a good photograph essentially depends on the photographer's vision and his technical expertise, at the time of clicking.


Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, everything you ever wanted to know about photography is now at your fingertips!  Hassle-free and instructive, our photography lessons offer numerous practical examples to facilitate learning. Classes cover several topics from the history of photography; cameras and lenses; photo techniques;  lighting; composition and much more.

Each time our ‘Photo Squad’ goes to different locations (outdoor & indoor) that suit the theme of the workshop; for example for our “ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION” we went to Sorrento Beach to learn how to photograph fast moving subjects. And yes, we did play beach cricket capturing the ball on the move. The skills learnt in this session are used any time when you need to take a picture which requires a dynamic action image such as any sporting event, performing arts, children playing, animal/pets on the move, happy people snaps, etc.

Another example, for our “LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION” we headed to Yellagonga Regional Park taking pictures of the heritage listed ‘Perry’s Paddock and ‘The Bunkhouse’ to gain an understanding of lighting enabling us to choose the best camera settings and filters that can enhance the images.

As one of our current participants said:

“I love the photography classes. I'm learning a lot from this course, both the photographer's vision, as in the technical field. I hope to learn even more each time I attend a class, and above and beyond improving my 'magic eye of a photographer' I want in the future, to use the pictures that I take as a template to create my paintings in acrylic or oil.”
-John Larcombe

Don’t miss out - There are many lessons to be learnt, the biggest one being that nothing is impossible if you have the will, the determination and the ability to see with your heart.
Come in! Let’s discover together the fundamental knowledge to enter the world of photography.

A special thanks to Gary Wilcox, a professional photographer who is spending time with CATA’s Photography students every second Wednesday teaching us the skills to capture a lifetime of priceless moments.


Kazuko Sakaue – Activities Officer


The CATA ball was held on Friday the 24th June. Many of our clients attended and all of our clients lookedabsolutely fabulous. It was a huge success and lots of fun for one and all.


Through the generosity of Des Morris, who provided the disco music, and staff and volunteers we achieved a very high standard event and CATA was once again transformed into a magical starry night, and a realm for our princes and princesses. The room was lit with beautiful lights of many colours and scenery from a fairy tale with pumpkins and ribbons galore. There were floating orbs catching everyone’s attention. But best of all the dance floor was constantly moving with the flow of bodies everywhere.

Upon arrival the guests were greeted with a cup of coffee or tea and biscuit. Then they followed a path which lead them through gauzy curtains into the ball room. After much merriment lunch was called and serving in the dining room began. We ate a lovely hot lunch of chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, with a bun on the side. For our desert we ate a delicious trifle home made by some sweet fairies. Everyone devoured the deliciousness and drank a further cup of tea, before returning to the dance.

I can’t say how proud I was of all who attended this event from clients to staff to our marvellous volunteers for all coming together to create such magic at the CATA ball. 

Jakalyn Moore - Activities Officer



We have been truly inspired by our most recent theme in The Art Room, ‘Cityscapes’.

For inspiration, our artists have wondered at many aspects of a city, paying particular attention to our wonderful, City of Perth.

In his watercolour image, Brendan Morris has captured a dramatic sky over the high-rises of Perth.


In contrast to the heavy sky, he has achieved a more translucent effect when representing the Swan River.

The moody sky, geometric shapes and reflective water, come together in an effective composition; yet, another beautiful artwork from Brendan.

As we can see, Denise Bradley and Samara Degaris, have focused on the shape and line we see, when we look at the city skyline.

Denise, chose to represent the city at the end of the day. Here we see the buildings forming a silhouette against the colourful sunset; an outstanding result for Denise.

Samara, has represented a whole city with only one continuous line, and has shown us how effective, a line drawing can be. The watercolour washes, have added further interest and a splash of colour; a stunning artwork from Samara.

CATA artists have excelled in their varied and very creative responses to this traditional theme.

We are now really looking forward to August at CATA, when our artists will be inspired by an ‘Outers space’ theme.

Lynne Palmer - Activities Officer


Announcing our merger with Rise Network

We are pleased to share with you that we have merged with another non-profit provider, Rise Network.

Rise has been supporting people in the community for over 33 years and assists people with disability and mental health issues, the aged and youth at risk.

The merger enables CATA to continue to deliver its fantastic range of programs and continue as a valuable entity in the community whilst giving Rise the opportunity to expand into new geographical areas.  We believe CATA and Rise will be stronger together as we have complementary strengths and skills which will help us do even more for the community.

Find our more about the merger on the Rise blog.

CEO Update

I would like to confirm my announcement at the Volunteers diner on Friday night 10th June that I will be leaving CATA as of 30th June 2016. 


Gordon Chong our accountant may stay on for a further week after the 30th June, before he also will leave CATA and RISE. 

I plan on taking a break in the new financial year and looking for a new position in the industry. I understand that Gordon will also be seeking employment. 

Following our departure, RISE will be taking responsibility for administrative roles currently performed by Gordon and I.  

Laura’s role and position will continue unchanged and she will be the onsite senior manager. Sitting above Laura will be Ms Helen Dymond, Divisional Manager - Aged Care (RISE) who works from RISE’s Midland offices. 

I’ve greatly enjoyed my time at CATA and have many fond memories. As a team we have enabled CATA to greatly improve its performance over the last 3 years and deliver quality services to our clients – I thank you for your contribution to this achievement. 

I wish you all well for the future. 

This month’s cartoon illustrates (for those who remember pull up door locks in cars) where there is a will, there is a way. 

Graham Hope- CEO


New activities at CATA


I am excited to start wood carving with the clients .We will be learning together from a book and video on you tube clips. Wood carving is fun, accessible, and creative craft that does not require fancy equipment. All you need is a piece of wood and something sharp to carve with. We will start with getting to know the tools and become acquainted with the tolls and discover their possibilities. Wood carving is a quiet and comforting craft, a way to relax and let your imagination run wild, you will never run out of idea as what to carve next….so join us on thisjourney.


Making perfume with essential oils is very easy and can be done with just a few oils. You can create your own unique signature fragrance for personal use or to give to a friend. By making your own perfume, you can control the ingredients and the quality of your fragrance and product; essential oils are great because they come directly from nature. They don’t have the many chemicals that commercial perfume have, so they are also good for people with sensitive skin….so if you want something organic and natural, essential oils are the way to go!

Joanne Reilly - Client Services and Development Officer and Volunteer Coordinator

Saturday Outing to the Movies


On Saturday, 11th of June, we have had a day of laughter because we went to see The Angry Birds Movie, which is an animated action-adventure comedy film based on the video game App Angry Birds. The movie which follows the life of an angry bird named Red was bright, colourful and absolutely funny. Prior to entering the cinema we went to Betty’s Café and settled in one of their lovely retro inspired booths and ate funny burgers with funny names such as Boogie Woogie burger,  Bundy burger and Buddha burger.

Betty’s Café offers quite an entertaining menu which was perfect for our pre-movie lunch. The pictures below captures Jay, Mathew, Serena, Ron, and Gary having a fantastic time at the cinema.

Runi Cullen – Activities Officer


Beeliar Art Workshops


Our art workshops down at Beeliar Community Centre are now well and truly underway. So far our main art focus has been on experimenting with acrylic paints. The different effects and textures that can be made by combining acrylic paint - with things you might find in the kitchen for example (like glad wrap and baking paper) create colourful effects that are always a surprise!
Our Beeliar artist is a very keen sketcher and often finds art inspiration from his surroundings -including a graffiti wall at the Cockburn Youth Centre, and the old Court House beneath the Art Gallery Of WA. Tom has been working from his drawings and has also started exploring ways of applying paint onto the wood surfaces. Tom has also been developing his wood turning technique - as you can see from the photos - Tom has been busy!


One of Tom’s highlights so far was our outing to the AGWA where we did some musing, wandering and sketching. The old courthouse below the gallery was a fantastic find - the old holding cells definitely captured his imagination!

Claudia Richards - Activities officer

Volunteering at CATA


We currently have 65 volunteers here at CATA, people come for a variety of reasons and use their time and   talents to help make our corner of the world a better place to be.

There are many different areas you can help out in, the kitchen, art room, wood work, craft room, pottery and driving. Also if you have a unique talent you can come along and show us, like jewellery making, yoga, Guitarplaying. Some volunteers with no previous experience bring their sunny disposition to CATA and we are so happy to have them.

Each month volunteers gather to brainstorm new ideas for activities that   showcase our various talents and more importantly, gives a chance to ourclients to learning a whole new range of skills. We discuss any volunteer    issues and enjoy a cuppa together. We will be meeting in the garden at 11am on 20th July.

This month we’ve garnered a few new ideas of activities for us and ourclients to enjoy!  The cartoon drawing has been a very successful newaddition to the calendar. Every month we listen to what the people what and do our very best to deliver that. Take a look at our website and you will see the variety of fun and contemporary activities to enjoy.

We at CATA would like to thank all of our volunteers that spend their time helping us and our clients to make their lives happy and fulfilling.

Joanne Reilly - Client Services and Development Officer and Volunteer Coordinator